AltLog 3 Ham Rado Logging Software

AltLog 3 Ham Radio Logging Software

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AltLog 3 Beta (12/9/2006)
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AltLog 3 is a general purpose, fully customizable logging program for amateur radio operators. Consistent with the overall philosophy of The ComPort Computing Company, AltLog does not pretend to do everything, but tries to do most things that a typical "ham" needs to do.

Features include:

  • Display of recent QSO's like a paper log
  • Automatically detect prior QSO's with same station
  • Automatically lookup callsigns online
  • Unlimited QSO's, any mode
  • Auto frequency input using the CAT interface for most Kenwood and Icom rigs and some Yaesu rigs
  • Export to ADIF, ready to sign and upload to the ARRL Logbook of the World
  • Export contests to Cabrillo file, ready to upload or send by email
  • Fully configurable display and information layout
  • Customized operation through the use of "macros"
  • Simple contest logging with auto numbering
AltLog 3 is designed to be easy to use, so it's an operating aid and not an impediment.

Give AltLog 3 a try. After awhile, you'll wonder how you ever logged QSO's without it!