Server Software:  


Client Software:  


Note: the download zip file contains both the server and the client executable.


  • Download the file.
  • Create an AltCast directory on your hard drive.
  • Create both and an RXData and a TXData subdirectory under AltCast.
  • Put the AltCastClient.exe and AltCastServer.exe in the AltCast directory.
  • Extract WinPSKX21.msi and run it to install the WinPSK ActiveX component.
  • Run AltCastServer.exe for the server or AltCastClient.exe for the client.
  • Select from the menu Tools | Configure and set your information.
  • Comments and questions should be addressed to Walt, W5ALT

To download the AltCast software (7/19/2006 Update) - Click Here (about 2.1 MB)