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PT 4 for Windows

PT 4 User's Manual
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PT 4 is a full-featured system for evaluating pressure transient well tests. Using a standard Windows user interface, it implements most classical and log-log type curve methods, as well as an advanced "Adjust and Compare" technique to interactively interpret test data. This version of PT also includes a new method for well test interpretation using acoustic well data (fluid levels and surface pressures).

See following pages for screen displays of PT 4


  • Standard Win32 user interface
  • Data files in standard ASCII format
    • Backwards compatible with PT 2.80, PT 3.x
  • Up to 10,000 data points and 100 rate changes per test
  • Unlimited number of tests and analyses can be viewed simultaneously
  • Menus and information in English or Spanish
  • Data importing features
    • Most service company data files
    • Special data from Echometer(tm) data files
    • Graphical data editing and thinning
  • Classical analysis methods
    • Cartesian (Storage, Reservoir limits)
    • Semilog (Horner, Miller-Dyes-Hutchinson)
    • Square root of time (Hydraulic fractures)
  • Log-log type curve matching
  • Adjust and Compare
    • Custom designed solutions
    • Homogeneous, dual porosity, dual permeability reservoirs
    • Radial and hydraulic fractures (uniform flux, infinite conductivity, finte conductivity)
    • Wellbore storage and momentum
    • Phase redistribution (Fair and Hegeman)
    • Automated parameter searching
  • Echometer Analysis
    • Similar to "Adjust and Compare"
    • Directly fit fluid level and surface pressure data
    • Better representation of wellbore effects
    • Improved estimation of reservoir and well parameters
  • Graphical output on standard Windows compatible printers
  • Network and corporate licenses available