Reservoir Evaluation Software



RESys is a full-featured, extensible software system for the integrated evaluation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Using a standard Windows user interface, it implements an integrated database system for project management with specific modules to perform specialized data visualization and analysis.

Each module of the RESys software system is a standalone application, so you can purchase only those modules that you need and can add modules as required. This design allows individual modules to be optimized for both performance and flexibility. The modular design also allows additional software modules to be developed and deployed as needed.

Each module of RESys can be evaluated by downloading the Demo version from the respective web page. The Demo version is the same as the full version, except only a single project may be created and DEMO COPY will be displayed on any printing. The User's Manual for each module is also available for download here.

Why RESys?

Why bother developing a new software system for reservoir evaluation? Aren't there already packages available on the market for such things?

As an experienced reservoir engineer who has conducted hundreds of reservoir studies, Walt Fair found that he spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make existing software do what needed to be done. Recent software seems to focus on a so-called “workflow” model, which is tailor made for those who don't know what to do to perform a reservoir evaluation. Talking with other experts in a variety of related disciplines, he found the same complaint: They don't need or want to be told how to do a reservoir study - they already know how to do it. What they needed and wanted was a software system that allowed them to evaluate reservoirs, wells, etc. more efficiently and didn't try to force a specific “workflow” model on them.

Out of such conversations, RESys was born. The goal and the purpose in developing the RESys software system is to allow expert evaluators from a variety of disciplines to perform their evaluations in the most rapid, efficient and technically correct way possible. It is also designed to allow multi-disciplinary experts to collaborate on reservoir evaluations by integrating information and allowing the use of all interpretations available. Out of these concepts the basic design was conceived and through testing the user interface was honed and simplified until a usable software system was obtained.


Comport Computing, with decades of experience in technical software development, takes the desires of its users seriously. Our philosophy is that software should help one do their job and never force someone to change the way they work without a very, very good reason. In other words, software is a service that should assist and never impede or limit technical work.

If you have suggestions for making any of the Comport Computing software easier to use, more technically correct or more efficient, we are ready to listen. We take our customers seriously. Anyone finding a bug or suggesting an improvement which can be implemented, is automatically entitled to a free upgrade of the software.