RESys Pressure Transient Analysis

RESys.NET - An Integrated Reservoir Evaluation System

PT.NET - Pressure Transient Analysis

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PT is the RESys module for analyzing pressure transient well tests, including buildups, drawdowns and multirate tests. PT is a mature program that has been in use commercially since about 1992 and has been converted to .NET and modified to work seamlessly with the rest of the RESys system. As a standalone program, it can still, of course be used only for well test evaluation.

PT implements various classical analysis technique including cartesian plots for wellbore storage and reservoir limits, semilog Horner and MDH analysis and Sqrae-root of time plots for fractured wells. It also contains a variety of type curves for log-log data anlysis. In addition, PT provides a nonlinear regression analysis technique that allows the analysis of a much wider variety of tests than ispossible using other methods.