W5ALT CW Generator

Welcome to the W5ALT CW Generator Web Page

This page can be used to generate a WAVE file with CW that you type in. It can handle at least 5 minutes of CW sound. At speeds below 15 WPM, Farnsworth spacing is used with characters sent at 15 WPM.

Instructions. To begin, select the speed and audio frequency for the generated CW and type in the text you want converted to CW, then press "Submit". On the following web page, start the WAVE file when you are ready.

Note: If you are using the FireFox web browser, you will need to have the "Quicktime" add-in installed.

To begin, select the options and press "Submit"

CW Speed
5 WPM 7 WPM 10 WPM
13 WPM 15 WPM 17 WPM
20 WPM 25 WPM 30 WPM
Audio frequency
500 550 600 650
700 750 800 850
900 950 1000