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Walter B. Fair, Jr., W5ALT

Email: wfair@comportco.com

I have been a radio amateur (ham) for many years and still enjoy the hobby immensely. My radio interests lie in just about every facet of ham radio. I operate on all of the HF bands, as well as VHF and UHF. I use CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, BPSK31, MFSK, FSK31, MT63, Hellschrieber and SSTV. If there's a mode I haven't played with yet, I'll probably be trying it soon. I have to confess that I enjoy CW and the digital modes more than the voice modes, though. I also enjoy tinkering with antennas and electronics in general and also listening to shortwave broadcasts.

For more information on amateur radio, check the ARRL web site. Additional information, including practice amateur radio exams are at QRZ.COM

Since the effects of RF radiation have become a concern to many people, the FCC requires that all amateur radio operators perform a radiation safety evaluation. The web site at The University of Texas has an RF Safety Calculator on line to help with that.

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