PT Version 2.80 - Pressure Transient Analysis Software

The PT software from the ComPort Computing Company puts the latest techniques for pressure transient analysis at your fingertips, at a price that is less than that of some of the latest spreadsheet or word processor packages. This advanced application implements interactive log-log type curve matching and classical techniques, as well as an advanced "Adjust and Compare" method which allows the user to interactively customize solutions to the well testing equations.



Some of the features of PT include:

Classical Cartesian, square-root and semi-log methods

Log-log type curves, with or without derivatives

Customized reservoir and well-models, including

Homogeneous Reservoir

Dual Porosity Reservoir

Dual Permeability Reservoir

Wellbore Storage

Wellbore Mass Effects (i.e. Phase Redistribution)

Wellbore Fluid Momentum

General pseudo-pressures for real gas, ideal gas, and compressible oils

Non-linear search for automatic curve fitting of the well testing equations

Up to 1800 data points and 10 rate variations per test

Automatically uses superposition for multiple rates or optional use of "Equivalent Time"

Default US or SI units PLUS User Defined units in the data file

On-screen interactive graphics

Freeform data input from ASCII files

Presentation quality hard copy on most printers

Minimum system requirements are a PC-compatible computer with 640KB memory and VGA quality graphics. The use of an 80386SX or higher computer with a hard disk drive is recommended, as well as a dot matrix, ink jet or laser quality printer. Color and monochrome monitors are supported and a math-coprocessor will be used if available.

Purchase of PT includes software diskette, printed user's manual, free telephone support (voice or modem), as well as one FREE upgrade to a future revision of your choice. The price of PT is $350 direct from the ComPort Computing Company or $280 from SPE (SPE members only).

For more information about PT, as well as our other software and services, contact the ComPort ComPort Computing Company.

Walter B. Fair, Jr., owner of the ComPort Computing Company and the author of the PT software, is a Distinguished Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He received the Cedric Ferguson Award for his classic paper on wellbore phase redistribution, holds several patents for well simulation and enhanced recovery methods and has more than 20 years experience in pressure transient