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The ComPort Computing Company is dedicated to applying "high-tech" theories in practical business situations. By combining the latest in software and engineering technology with years of engineering experience, we bring a unique blend of theory and practice together in solving today's complex problems.

Some areas in which we have recently applied the latest technology are:

Real time on-line data analysis

Integrated engineering software

Cost-effective small business database design and implementation

Statistical analysis of engineering estimates

Development of analytical mathematical models for petroleum reservoir surveillance

Implementation of practical fuzzy logic expert systems

Development of well test analysis theory

 We pledge that we won't try to sell you anything you don't need and we will not sacrifice technical accuracy. Our focus is on getting the job done efficiently and accurately, so of course, we won't hesitate to use or recommend classical methods, if they solve the problem at hand.



PT 2.80 - Pressure Transient Analysis


PTPREP - Data Preparation for PT




Software Development

Property Evaluation / Reservoir Engineering

Well Test Evaluation



Principles of Pressure Transient Analysis


Enhanced Oil Recovery Theory and Applications


If we can be of assistance in solving your company's problems

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